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About William

Born, raised and still residing in Northeast Ohio, a land of persistently unlucky sports franchises, awesome local breweries and food smothered in cheese. I often find myself wondering if these three things are somehow related, but anyway, onto the reason you're here.

I can't lay claim to the quintessential backstory of a lifelong love affair with photography that began the first time I held a camera. Truth be told, as a child I kind of dreaded being asked to take snapshots of friends. I loved art, but sketching was always my primary outlet.

My photographic journey began in college when I enrolled in my first photography course, a requirement for my journalism degree. Something clicked, and what was at one point a chore quickly became my greatest passion. In my free time, I absorbed all the information I could, teaching myself to use equipment and software and experimenting with different styles and genres. It became apparent to me very quickly that the subjects I loved working with the most were other people.

I love the whole process of creating a great image, from capturing photos to editing and picking through my favorite shots to seeing the reactions from clients when they view the finished product. That moment when a client falls in love with an image always brings a smile to my face.

William Schertz Photography